Your Pool Will Stand Out With Unique Features

Your Pool Will Stand Out With Unique Features

Cali Pools of Texas offers a wide range of pool features in Houston, TX

Add fun and functional pool features to complete your custom pool installation. A pool waterfall or other feature can add a unique touch to your outdoor space.

If you want to liven up your pool in Houston, TX, call Cali Pools of Texas to install:

  • Slides
  • Swim-outs
  • Waterfalls
  • Diving boards
  • LED lights
  • Benches

Reach out to us today to talk about your ideas. We'll design and build a custom pool with pool features that match your vision.

Relax to the sound of a gentle waterfall

Do you want to relax beside a pool waterfall after a long day at the office? Picture a sleek water feature with a sheer descent from raised walls. Or we can create a tiered pool waterfall to add depth and interest to your space. Choose from a 6-, 12- or 18-inch feature to fit your needs.

If you're more interested in an active pool experience, consider a diving board. So long as you have a 34-foot pool and a depth of at least eight feet, you can install a functional diving board.

Reach out to Cali Pools of Texas now to discuss your pool features in Houston, TX.